quarta-feira, 13 de abril de 2011


PASSION (1999)

Hardcore Holy Terror

01 Passion...

02 ...Obsession

03 Panoptikon

04 into the Eyeless Sockets of the Night

05 the Witch's Heart

06 Threshold (to Enter, the Heart Must Break)

07 Duende (the Soil is Closer than the Sky)

08 Deserts Without Mirages

09 Sabbat

This magnificient band was brought to me very recently by a friend as a suggestion, witch i'd appreciated. I've been bombing napalm on my stereo since then... they dont realy fit on any type of labeled music thing as "hardcore", "metalcore" or "punk" for it is very intense and dark at the same time, gets me the idea that safety and happiness are only momentaneous things and that reality is much better than any shit hole of ilusions, or any labeled-already-done-trended-music stunt... love unconditionally.

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