quarta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2009


"This is an unofficial and non profitable compilation of bands which are to define hardcore music through time and space. These revolutionary bands had great impact on the global subculture/scene and are worth to be remembered. Differences between them are what always defined hardcore music as an open minded and willing to accept different kinds of listeners.
"Zero Hour" serves to put an end to misconceptions about false picture of hardcore today and to update older listeners.
Support your local scene, don’t buy any of fancy bands' merch and made something with your own hands.

01 Grave Maker - Time Heals Nothing
02 Carry On - X's Always Win
03 Casey Jones - Pigs Is Pigs
04 Champion - Decisions Made
05 Set It Straight - For You, For Me
06 Strife - To An End
07 Have Heart - Something More Than Ink
08 Trial - War By Other Means
09 Wait In Vain - White Picket Fences
10 Tragedy - The Point Of No Return
11 Shai Hulud - If Born From This Soil
12 Clenched Fist - Bonus Track
13 Knuckledust - Never Forget
14 Warzone - Skinhead Youth
15 Judge - Bringin' It Down
16 Powerhouse - Pay To Cum (Bad Brains Cover)
17 Blunt Force Trauma - Straight Edge (Minor Threat Cover)
18 Wide Awake - Wide Awake
19 Piece By Piece - Certain People I Know
20 Something Inside - What It Means
21 Reaching Forward - Cage
22 F-minus - Sweating Blood
23 Vision - The Kids Stil Have A Lot To Say
24 Death Threat - As One We Stand
25 Slapshot- Last Laugh
26 Vitamin X - Slam Dunk
27 Shutdown - Network
28 Sick Of It All - Shut me out
29 Integrity - Atf Assault
30 Spud Monsters - Upperhand
31 Hatexxxedge - Suck My Dick
32 Ryker's - You'll Never Walk Alone (Garry and the Peacemakers Cover)


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